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Nova Scotia's  Destination  for
Antique Hunters


With 10 000 square feet of HIGH TURNOVER stock and more than 30 dealers, this is a

MUST VISIT establishment for antique lovers, decorators and collectors of all stripes.

Centrally located in beautiful Great Village, Nova Scotia, this vast, rambling building is jammed with treasures of all descriptions.  Surely, there is something for nearly everyone here - we like to say our stock runs from the sublime to the ridiculous!
Make us the destination on your next Nova Scotian road trip - it's easy to make a day of it.  You'll surely be sorry if you don't budget enough time to see the whole shop - if you've never been here before you will likely be a little blown away by the sheer size of it - it's deceiving from the outside! 




This lovely pair of oil paintings in ornate gilded frames have a timeless appeal.

Measuring 17 I/2 inches by 22 1/2 inches (to outside of frames) and priced at $ 250.00 each, these lovely oil landscapes would add wonderful weight and tonality to a room!

   Great  Village

Antiques  Exchange

Whether you collect something specific, are restoring or decorating your home, or just love to hunt for treasures, our shop has so much to offer!  Trying to replace Nanny's broken teapot?  Find the Dinky car you lost when you were seven?  Adorn your porch with rustic or nautical elements?  Outfit your garage with vintage advertising?  We have it all.

Come and see for yourself, and be sure to come often - because there are so many dealers replenishing stock so often, there is ALWAYS lots new to discover !

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Attic or shed full to overflowing?  Downsizing or relocating?  Inherited a house full?  Whether you are interested in selling a SINGLE ITEM  or  an entire ESTATE LOT,  call us !

I                      HOPE TO


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